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Man, your looking at the ih8weirdcookie thingy
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Monday, February 28th, 2005
7:48 am
L.ike I.t E.veryone
So, this weekend, i did a double shot at the movie theaters, First flick i went and sat through was:

Phantom of the Opera

first off, i got in free to these movies cause other ppl paid to sit through them for school classes, so i was like, free movies sweet. well, this movie blew ass chunks. i hated the plot, but missed some of it because i thought the movie needed some intermission/breaks so i could get some popcorn (which was gawd awful) and some sour patch kids (i had to get to, cause my first bag was open before i opened it).. and that right there may make me not ever want to go back to that theater, or see that stupid ass film again.
well, from what i did see, i didn't like. i don't know, but operas kinda bore me. i saw a musical twice, beauty and the beast at the orphim and 'buddy' in london. buddy was kinda cool, but the dude died... and i think the phantom guy should have died

ways to make P.O.T.M better would be: have a differnt main role. they could have used the homless lady from home alone 2, that kevin gives the turtle dove to. they could have given it to the mexican that was living in the burnsville or whatever school district that was.. or they could have given it to pauly shore, he needs a good gig.

the second movie i went to was

now, we showed up late to this movie, so i missed the start of the movie, and i think i missed something really important, but i was so bored and otta my mind i popped in my ipod in to my ears.

but we showed up when the ray guy thought it was cool to wear sunglasses whereever he goes. from what i heard, the lead actor had a joke played on him and glued his eyes shut, so thats why he was wearing glasses. i guess they had to get this movie out fast so they could get these awards.

good music to listen to while watching ray: Dresden Dolls

that was my double shot movie review. thank you very much
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
5:24 pm
This is intended for one person, but for everyone to read. I will not use names, therefore, people can figure out who this person is, but fuck, I’m going to give you lots of easy ass hints like the first one:
This person says he runs a message board, which is http://indyfancentral.tk and claims it will have no flame wars, personal attacks, or anything like that on the board. However, if you look at this person’s live journal, which I will not link, but you can easily find if you know his user name on a certain federation’s board, and add that to the end of the livejournal.com/usesr/
Will, I’m not going to bitch about the shitty job of this message board. I go, not always post on, but go to at least 30 message boards a day, and this is the only one I will see a board host, post his comments on wrestling, and not use his screen name (which is very tacky), take down posts with swear words, but then gives a link to his website, which also has, or had for this moment in time, a link to his live journal. On there he bashes people, makes negative comments about people (with this names may I add), and swears in almost every god damn fucken paragraph. I like to swear too, and I don’t hide it either.
So, I’m reading this dumbass’s journal today, and he’s talking about how we road this worker to a show, and how he knows this person and this person by their real names. Guess what, maybe some of the workers, boys, wrestlers, whatever it may be, don’t want their real name known by other fans you stupid fuckhole. Go listen to you Simon & garfunkl albums and stop dropping people’s real names like your friends with them. You are not friends with half the people you talk about and out of those people; they probably can’t stand you and hate you in real life. Well, in his journal he talks about how he went to a wrestling show on Sunday (and if you know the MN scene, you know who runs on a Sunday night)
Well, he goes off about how the show is the same matches with the same people, and that never changes. Fuck, I swear I wear the same boxers week in and week out, and you don’t see me complaining about this fucken shit. Then he talks about how the guy who did the announcing had quit, been let go, whatever the case may be. Well, when he posted this, he goes on about how the new announcer is a young punk rocker who works for a certain backyard promotion that the person who’s journal I am reading, does not like. Well, he says that the new punk rock announcer sucks, and he can do as good of a job.
I’ve been to shows that you’ve announced at and you sucked balls. I don’t care that you announce, and I could give 2 shits and a flying fuck about your bitch ass. The fact that your comment about how you announced at certain shows make me wish you would book yourself a plane ride from your job, and make sure it’s a one way ticket to: get the fuck otta our faces, we don’t like you, and please, burn your stupid red shoes and your stupid fast and the furious jacket you stupid fuck.
The world does not revolve around you, or your announcing. Fuck, I don’t give a shit about who announced it, just as long as people are wrestling, I’m happy. So fuck you for thinking your shit is really that important. You are a fan just like everyone else. You just think your special and deserve special treatment. If that is the case, ya ain’t getting it from me. I don’t care if you do or don’t show up to a show. Your money supports my wanting a heroin addiction, just to make it easier to get through each show I have to see you. And stop saying ‘oh, this person usually said good things to me’ cause if you talk to me, the only reason I say those ‘good things’ is so you shut up so I can go to the bathroom and puke from having to look and listen to you. Now I have to go burn my rollerblades because I heard they are old and out of style.
12:51 pm
holy shit
I didn't retire, i just thought the world would be a better place if i didn't do any bitching, but then i thought, this journal is supposed to be against weird cookie. fuck that, its against everything, everyone, and anything. no one is safe.

due to the fact i am at work, i have written up a post i will post later today in regards to a certain person in the world who goes to wrestling shows, wears red shoes, and a movie jacket (no its not the guy that works at walden books in eau claire wisconsin)

but enough bashing on just weird cookie, cause he hates himself, so why add to the hate of the hater himself. just wait, this is a doooozy
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
4:25 pm
I'm back to h8 attack
I didn't retire from h8ing weird cookie, I just took a short break to gather many things about him to make fun of him for.

It looks like Weird Cookie has stopped posting on his live and dead journal, but that does not mean he is not posting else-where. If you do some searching, you can find out that he has started to post on Bigg Nasty Lyonz's message board. that address is as follows:


From what sources tell me, Weird Cookie did not make the last saturday show of the year for MPW because he went up north to Canada with his family for the weekend. What a load of crap. I bet he was to chickenshit to show up. Ok, my sources tell me its true.

His knee surgry was July 20th and the stupid idiot still can't walk right and stairs from what we hear are a major problem for him. WHY does he not use a cane but a dumb elec. taped crutch that MATCHES his SHOES.

Why does he wear that stupid doo-rag, and why does he wear a bandana over his eye. we know the loser wears glasses, why block more of your vision with glasses.

It looks as if www.turkeyvan.com is now up and running. Well, semi sort of. He was to lazy to finish the site, but it looks as if he went and played NES games and got his color scheme. What next, lime green?

Also, from sources, his 5 years in wrestling was Nov. 17th. he didn't even throw himself a party. must not have any friends.

That is all for now. and remember folks, hating weird cookie is as cool as taking pictures non polorid
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
2:44 pm
It is question time
Ask me any question you would like me to answer and or bash about Weird Cookie. If i don't know the answer, I will attempt to figgure it out, or make it up and give you a reply on here.

Also, why does Coookie color his hair, but wear a hat all the time? moron
Thursday, October 28th, 2004
10:12 am
man, what a sissy boy who has way to much time on his hands
This just heard about the moron Weird Cookie:

1) He is a sissy. He called up a friend and wanted them to listen to the jazz radio station because a saxaphone player was playing 'somewhere over the rainbow' and Cookie said he wanted to cry because he is not a band geek saxaphone player anymore.

2) Where does he come up with this crap. this from the same friend, Cookie tried chewing 2 different peices and brands of gum at the same time. BUT he wanted to see how long he could keep the two from touching each other. First its all fart and poop talk from his mouth, now, he's trying to find freshness of 2 kinds of bubble gum at the same time? WHY.

and things I hate:

RAIN (no, unlike cookie, NOT his roommate)
no money to pay cell phone bills to get the inside scoop on weird cookie

Things Not to hate:

Napoleon Dynamite, this movie is frickin cool due to the lama who does not eat.
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
3:14 pm
he ain't no gothic punk
this dude is a total rip off pouser, ripping off dudes from that band, that dude from that shows keychain, that dudes from that movie, skrew that... hes original to edge wearing a trenchcoat to the ring and being spoooooooky.

i mean the dude was a and still is a band geek, and listens to n'sync because he thinks they are funny... he picks his nose and eat it, for fucks sake, why. and wondering why, WHY pooping and fart jokes. i mean, for christ sake, i turned on the shower, and farted and it stunk... but its nothing to write home about...
1:11 pm
Subject this
Damn, welcome to the new ih8weirdcookie journal. You must not take everything in life as something serious, and you should be able to joke about things that are supposed to be joked about. Like certain dead people, because dead people are fun to make fun of, just like alive people are fun to make fun of. who is truly to be made fun of and hated however is Weird Cookie.

Honestly, I could give a lot of reasons to why I hate him, but i'm not. This is my journal for hating things, and i'm to lazy to set up an account on deadjournal at this moment, even though i have the passcodes to do so because i'm cool and your not.

please, come back again, i will update this when i can, and no, i'm not a newbie

Current Mood: hatefull
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